How To The Changing Mobile Phone Number The SBI Credit Card

All SBI credit card transactions online require OTP to complete transactions. IF you change your mobile number, you will need to update your mobile number accordingly. SBI provides a mobile credit card replacement site online. In this guide, we will see how we can renew a mobile phone number on an SBI credit card in detail and step by step.[Recommended:How To Change Address At SBI Credit Card Online

Requirements for changing SBI credit card mobile phone number

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  • You must have your old number. If you do not have your old mobile number, then you cannot perform this process online.
  • Your SBI card must work. Learn how to use an SBI credit card online.
  • You need to know the SBI card Ser ID and password to access the App or website.
  • If you forgot your user id reset from here. If you forgot the password then reset from here.

A step-by-step process for changing the mobile phone number of the SBI credit card

  • You can change your mobile number with the Mobile App and website. In this guide, we will see the mobile app approach when both approaches are almost identical.
  • Download the SBI card application to your smartphone and sign in with your username and password.
  • Download SBI Card for Android
  • Download SBI Card for iOS
  • Now, click the profile option from the left swipe menu. Click on my profile
  • From the menu, click on the edit icon before the mobile number. edit the mobile number to update with new
  • Now, enter your NEW mobile number here and click on the GENERATE OTP button.
  • [Quick way] SBI credit card change number 1
  • You will receive an OTP on your currently registered mobile number. (NOT on a new cell phone number. SO you must have an old cell phone number with you)
  • Enter the OTP in the given field and click the CONFIRM button. edit the mobile number to update with new
  • In the new popup, you will be notified that your request to change the SBI credit card number has been received, and you will be contacted by an official to confirm your choice.
  • edit the mobile number to update with new
  • when you receive a call, confirm the same, and your new mobile number will be updated in the system.
  • This simple step-by-step, SBI credit card replacement process online is completed.

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