How To The Block Corporation Banking Debit Card

In the event that you lose your bank card OR your card is stolen, it is important to block the card immediately. If you have a lost bank card, the bank offers easy ways to block the card online. In this guide, I explained how to block an online bank card within a minute to prevent unauthorized access to your account.[Recommended:Trick To Increase The Limit Of The SBI Credit Card

Required items to block online banking card

  • One thing is needed to take immediate action
  • Mobile bank registered number.
  • Corporation mobile banking App.
  • Online banking details and internet access on your smartphone/computer. For this, make sure you have a valid SMS program on your number.
  • As soon as one of the above items is available to you, you are ready to disable the bank card.

How to The block Corporation banking debit card

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  • 4 Ways to Block Your Bank Card
  • By calling
  • With Net Banking
  • By SMS
  • With Mobile App

Block Corporation Bank debit card by sending an SMS

  • This process is straightforward, and you can block your card immediately
  • Find your bank account number and open the SMS app from your phone.
  • Now, create a new SMS and type the following text –
  • Now, send this SMS to the following number –
  • Corporation Bank SMS SMS number – 9999999999
  • If an SMS is sent, your card will be blocked immediately.

Disable Debit Card bank over the phone

  • Find your registered bank number and dial the following number in the dial
  • Corporate bank account box number – 1800 425 2407
  • When the phone is connected, select the option to block the Card from IVRS
  • Your card will be blocked immediately.

Via Mobile Banking App

  • Open the CorpEase Mobile App on your smartphone. If you do not have an app, you need to sign up for mobile
  • banking. Read our guide on how to register a corporate banking mobile.
  • Sign in to the app by entering the six-digit app PIN
  • Now, click on the 3-row menu from the top left corner to open the sidebar.
  • Tap the option to block the Debit card from the menu.
  • Choose a reason to block, and your card will be blocked immediately.

Block Corporation Bank Debit card use internet Bank

  • Open an open corporate banking website on your computer –
  • Click Click here to continue the option to go to the sign-in screen.
  • Enter your user ID and password to log in to your bank account.
  • Now, click on the Services option and select the Debit Card blocking option.
  • Select the reason for the card restriction and click on the BLOCK CARD button.
  • Your card is now blocked immediately.
  • Using these four methods, you can easily block your online banking card within one minute.

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