How To Link Aadhar Account With Union Bank

Linking an Aadhar card number to your bank account offers many benefits to you. One of such benefits is a gas subsidy, many government schemes, a bank account balance, etc. Union Bank offers an easy way to link your Aadhar number to your bank account in many ways. The Union Bank Aadhar link includes online and offline channels. I will explain all these methods to you in this guide in detail.[Recommended: Registering With Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking

How to link Aadhar account with Union Bank in 1 Minute

  • There are several options provided by Union Bank through the Union Bank Aadhar link
  • You are using the Website online without logging in
  • By sending an SMS
  • Using the Union Bank Mobile App
  • Offline – By completing the Union Bank Aadhar link form
  • We will see all four of the above methods in detail, step by step.

Link Aadhar to the Union Bank account by visiting the Union Bank website

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  • Open the unique union bank URL in the Union Bank Aadhar link provided by the bank
  • Now, the form is displayed on the screen. You must complete this form correctly.
  • link of union bank radar by visiting the website
  • In the first selection, enter your 15-digit bank account number. Re-enter your account number in the second course.
  • Now, enter your Bank account name correctly.
  • In the second section of the form, enter your Aadhar number correctly and name it on the Aadhar card as it is printed.
  • In the third step, enter your mobile number and email address correctly.
  • Now click on the Send button to confirm the Aadhar union bank link.

Union Aadhar bank link by sending an SMS from a registered mobile number

  • Using your mobile phone number you can easily make a link to Union Bank Aadhar. Here are the steps
  • On a registered mobile number, go to the SMS app and type in the following SMS
  • UID account number <space> <15-digit> <space> <12-digit Aadhaar>
  • Now, send this message to the following mobile phone number –
  • Union bank Aadhar number link SMS number – 09223008486
  • Please note that this SMS is charged, be sure to keep the balance on your SIM card before sending the message.
  • After successful delivery of the message, your Aadhar number will be linked to the account number within 72 hours of operation.

Connect the Union bank account with Aadhar using the Mobile Banking App

  • A mobile application is used to link Aadhar to the bank. Here are the steps
  • Open the Union Bank Mobile App on your phone – Mobile
  • Sign in with your app password for the app.
  • From the main menu, click on the Other Services tab.
  • Now, tap the application option from the following menu.
  • Click the service request to link aadhar to a UBI account
  • Enter your Aadhar number and name as on the Aadhar card.
  • Click the Submit button to confirm the connection.

Link Aadhar and UBI by completing the form

  • A link to Union Bank Aadhar can be made by visiting your bank branch.
  • Go to your nearest bank branch and request a Union Bank Aadhar contact form from the help desk.
  • Fill in all the details and information requested on the form. Make sure the details are correct.
  • Now, insert a copy of the Aadhar card and form and sign on both sheets.
  • Send this form to the bank manager.
  • Your Aadhar number will now be linked in two days.

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