Find Customer ID Of IndusInd Bank

When a customer wishes to register with the help of an ATM, they will receive a pin on a mobile phone number registered at the bank branch. Customer ID and the username and its PINĀ  have already received from The Banks.

But sometimes a user cannot get his or her client ID. If you are an IndusInd Bank account holder and want to be identified with your customer’s ID, here are some suggestions that you can adapt to.[Recommended: Check CIF Number Of Central bank Of India

How To Get Customer ID Of IndusInd Bank?

1. By Passbook

A passphrase issued by the bank account holder contains the customer ID. Below the account number, as well as the name, the customer ID is available. You need to look forward to it and write it down wherever it is needed. In the unlikely event that the same is not published, one can visit the nearest branch and obtain the same.

2. Through Account Statement

The account statement contains the specified customer ID. In capital letters, available. It is a unique 9-digit code that will allow the user to gain access to many services. They need to go through the first page of the test book and find the same.

3. From check book

Letter of acceptance or issuance of a check letter to a person is also found in the same. On the front page of your checkbook, you need to check your details. They are the customer’s IDs, and you need to check them. In the letter of acceptance and all the details the ID is available.

4. By customer care

Call IndusInd bank toll free number 1860 267 7777 and ask for customer ID. You need to be available with your account number, and they will help you find it easily. Make sure you give them all the valid ID information so they can easily access your data.

5. By visiting the branch

In addition to all other ways, you can also visit the branch. Customer service is available here, and there we will help you deal with things easily. You need to provide your banking details to them including the account number and the official ID number, and they will provide you with the customer’s ID accordingly.

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